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1) To all dog owner, do not let loose of your dogs whether in town, residential and longhouses area. Get your dog vaccinated. Please keep your dog under effective control within an enclosed area which it is impossible for the dog to escape. Tying it up securely. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER!

2) Residents are advised to take advantage of the opportunities to have their pet dogs vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccine for free. You can also go to the SPOT VACCINATION venues if you could not wait for the door-to-door vaccination team to reach your houses. We are here to help you!

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08 Sep 2019 - Smuggling attempt busted

Source: New Sarawak Tribune

The smuggling attempt of 1,713 boxes of ‘chicken leg quarter’ into Kuching was halted by Kuching Customs.

KUCHING: A 40-foot container containing 1,713 boxes of imported ‘chicken leg quarter’ was detained here at Senari Port. The estimated value of the goods was RM151,040 and the estimated amount of customs duty involved was RM54,816.

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) through the Kuching Division Royal Malaysian Customs Enforcement detained a 40-foot container at Senari Port, Kuching which is suspected to have made false declaration.

The container has been seized for further investigation. As a result of this information, a team of customs officers conducted a thorough examination of a container brought from Hong Kong and a total of 1,713 boxes of ‘chicken leg quarter’ were not declared in the customs form.

It is revealed that a number of unrecorded ‘chicken leg quarter’ has been found, arranged behind the ‘frozen squid tube’ box in the container.

The importers tried to blind the authorities by declaring a ‘chicken leg quarter’ item a ‘frozen squid tube’ that is placed just in front of the container door. Importation of controlled goods requires import permits from related parties and subject to customs duties.

The case will be investigated under Section 133 of the Customs Act 1967 where convicted offenders can be punished for making false declarations and for falsifying documents.

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19 - 20 Sep 2019


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